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It's easy to integrate testing with Sauce Labs into your software delivery process, using supported plugins and unofficial integrations for your platform of choice.

Important Steps for All Continuous Integration Configurations

When you are configuring your continuous integration platform to work with Sauce, always make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Update tests to reference the environment variables set by the plugin. See the topic on Setting Environment Variables for more information.
  2. Output the Sauce session ID to the standard output (stdout) to allow the Sauce plugin to associate test results to Sauce Jobs. See the topic on Outputting Session IDs to stdout for more information.

Supported Sauce Plugins

See the following topics for more information on our official Sauce Labs plugins:

Community Integrations

In addition to the CI/CD platform integrations that are directly supported by Sauce Labs through our plugins, several CI/CD platform developers have created their own integrations with Sauce Labs. This table lists the integrations that are currently available, along with links to the documentation that describes how to set them up. If you need assistance setting up these integrations, contact the Support group for the CI/CD platform developer.

CI/CD PlatformDocumentation for Integration with Sauce Labs
CircleCITest with Sauce Labs
Travis CIUsing Sauce Labs with Travis CI